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Get Fast Funding with Huge Returns for Your Medical Account Receivables

Physician’s Funding Portal mainly deals with workers compensation funding. Entire types of Workers Compensation treatment are possible to be easily funded from this funding establishment.

Physician’s Funding Portal, manage a lot of Personal Injury Lien funding requests in entire United States where Personal Injury lien funding is allowed, also are professionals in managing Personal Injury LOP/Lien Funding

Physician’s Funding Portal, has started an efficient bid funding center where funders and providers can negotiate and evaluate Account Receivable Rates for almost all type of Medical Account Receivables

Work Injury Claim – Turn Lien-Based A/R into Cash!

We can give you the best offers for your Account Receivables, and  pair your practice with the best funding options. We take care of your entire AR parameters and:

Your AR will get the highest rates

Lots of eligible offers and bids.

Both Investors and Funders will fight for the business you are doing

Fast funding process

Special capital and particular provider or Funder matching system

Security and confidentiality is guaranteed. HIPAA Compliant.

Physician’s Funding Portal is the biggest funding resource in the United States for workers compensation receivables.

Huge number of Qualified offers
Medical providers will get qualified bids very fast

Both small and large providers
Any size funding options available.

Marvelous offers
We assure highest rates with competitive offers.

Fast funding process!
Simplest and fastest process in the entire medical funding field.

Available nationwide
Physican Funding Portal works with medical facilities around the country.

Ongoing funding process
Continuous and dependable funding for WC, PI, No Fault, and Medical Factoring.

Private and secure market place
Completely safe bidding hub and confidential offers.

HIPAA Compliant
Our priority is to protect medical data. we adhere to the laws related to patient privacy.

Exclusive Medical Funding Sources
Lots of buyout options without recourse from special funding sources.