About Us

About Physician's Funding Portal,

At Physician’s Funding Portal we focus on providing quality funding solutions for medical providers. Our advantage is to have access to a unique Investor Bidding Hub, which allows us to deliver a wide range of qualified offers for accounts receivables.

Now there is no need to spend your valuable time searching medical funding options as we are here to help you. We can guarantee smooth and safe transaction, fast payout, and professional customer care service.

No need to settle for the least amount on your A/R. If you want to sell your Workers Compensation claims, Personal injury cases or No Fault invoices, we are the perfect choice. We can also help you in the short term lending (Factoring) on the outstanding Account Receivables. You do not need submit any kind of checks or financial statements for it.

From many years we have helped medical providers to improve their financial situation. We help them buy new equipment, offer the best quality services, expand facilities, increase staff, and also eliminate debt. As we understand the fact that cash flow is the back bone of each and every business, we are ready to help you in this regard.

Physician’s Funding Portal offers simplified process, free analysis of your A/R, no credit checks; multiple offers to choose from, fast payment and no obligation. Many numbers of customers have gone through us and are extremely satisfied because we remain dedicated to provide full time support.

Contact us now to explore how Physician’s Funding Portal can specifically assist your needs. See why so many of our customers utilize our services repeatedly. We are happy to serve you in all your medical funding needs.