Medical Loans & Credit

PFP Large Line of Credit Against HMO/Medicare/PPO A/R:

1MM to 20MM credit line for PPO/HMO/Medicare/Commercial insurance/Private insurance (which is against Account Receivables and not WC).

Very cheap compared to factoring which is 6% annual percent rate

(85 percent against Net Collectibles)

which is against five months before date of Account Receivables Even for the Account Receivables which are unbilled.

Make an effort to achieve personal guarantee which is not compulsory

85 percent to 90 percent advance rates

Accounts Receivable Lines of Credit ($200,000 to $25,000,000)

The Medical receivable based Account Receivables revolving the line of credit must be perfect to increase the cash flow and increase revenues. This asset based credit line permits the customers to borrow about 85 percent to 90 percent of the A/R which is not more than 90 days old. It is not a factoring line and so you are not selling the receivables to another party. In addition, you are maintaining collection and billing calls in a place. This asset based line of credit is  much cheaper than factoring. Yearly interest starts from 6 percent versus factoring that is mostly 20 percent + yearly interest rates.

“PFP Lite Medical Funding” (Small Medical Loans:)

Medical Term Loans (USD75,000 to USD350,000)

The medical funding section get 40 percent of 25 percent commission of any type of Lite Funding Deal

All loans are for 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 years

Payments are monthly

Pre-payment penalties are not there

Loan is possible to be completely subordinated to already existing bank line, SBA loan, or senior secured medical lender. Extra working capital without having to refinance senior lender.

Provide the loan in 5 working days, funding also done within 5 working days after approval

Yearly interest rates begins at 9.99%


620+ FICO is a must

Any one year from previous 2 years must have positive net profit on the tax returns

 No Bankruptcies

No judgements or open tax liens

Business must be minimum 3 years old or more

Medical Workers’ Comp Credit Line – 1.5MM Against Workers’ Comp Account Receivables- Interest Rate 3 percent

BankLite™ Loan Program ($75,000-­$350,000)

Physician’s Funding Portal is proud to offer the very best non-bank lending program in the United States. We call it BankLite™. Loans are 3 or 4 or 5 years just like a bank.

Companies can be accepted for lines of credit, term loans, or potentially both. Loans and lines can be subordinated to current bank debt or SBA loans. There isn’t a better loan product anywhere and we look forward to getting you approved and funded in as little as 2 weeks.

Annual Interest Rates Start at 9.99%

Low Monthly Payments

The terms 3 or 4 or 5 Years

No Pre – Payment Penalties

No Collateral Required, Lending is Cash Flow Based

Nationwide Lending upto $350,000

Physician’s Funding Portal Advantage ACH Loan Physician’s Funding Portal BankLite™
Amount $150,000 Daily Debt $150,000 BankLite™
Daily Payment $780 $0
Monthly Payment $16,375 $4,910
Monthly Savings $11,465

Does My Business Qualify?

620+ FICO Score Required

One of the Last 2 Years Must Have Positive Net Income

No Past Bankruptcies allowed

No Open State or Federal Tax Liens

Minimum Time in Business 18 Months

Recent BankLite™ Closings:

Tours & Vacations $350,000

Fitness Center $350,000

Retail Appliances $350,000

Lighting Importer $150,000

Staffing Company $250,000

Fast Cash Business Loans (50,000$ to  2,000,000$)

We are doing fast cash loan for businesses by which each and every customer can get business loan even though a factor, bank, or asset based lender who got senior secured UCC-1 blanket filing on corporate assets. With this loan, the customer can get additional working capital with which they can grow their business to high level. Other advantage of this loan is that the customer can renew the loan after paying 50 percent of the total amount. This can be done again and again like a line of credit and by this the customer can get nonstop working capital for many years.

Approval process is very simple

The Fast business loans only take 2 to 3 days

In few cases there is no need of any personal guarantees

Initial loan terms are six to eighteen months former to renewal process

Less documentation requirements

550 to 800 Credit scores

Negative net income or profitable Companies can apply

If discharged, previous bankruptcies also accepted

Tax liens also okay if payment plan is placed with IRS

We provide multiple offers to our customers so that they can select the best loan for any type of cash flow necessities.

Physician’s Funding Portal can help customers with fast cash business loans for any type of credit profile and industry. Feel free to contact us for a free quote!


Current Fast Cash Closings:

Gas and Oil Services $400,000

Wireless Distributor $365,000

Department Store $200,000

Electrical Contractor $200,000

Software Provider $110,000