Workers’ Comp A/R Funding


Physician’s Funding Portal has expertise in providing different types of funding services which are for small and large providers, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and so on. It is a must for everybody to use worker’s compensation insurance these days.

Our process is very quick and simple. Also, there is an option to arrange funds for monthly billing which is suitable for continuous operations. For those who are in need of small terms, then they got options according to their requirements.

Physician’s Funding Portal is a better place for medical providers as they get lots of benefits. Our years of experience in the field of medical account receivables make us eligible to provide highest rates to the customers.


Account Receivables – Data Conversion Service
We convert any Account Receivables from billing software which is free

Claim purchases that are denied
Professionals in the purchase of denied claims.

Specialist in Lien Filing Funding
You get help from us to file liens

Number of W/C offers
We provide many offers on Account Receivables

Nonstop WC Funding
We buy nonstop funding deals

Funding procedure is fast
Entire process is fast. Spot funding is our specialty!

A/R requirement is minimum
Only 6 months business details needed

Confidentiality, Security and Privacy
Guaranteed Data Security

HIPAA Compliant
Reliability of the Patient details